High Mileage Club!

With regular maintenance, your vehicle can serve you well for a long time! We have many clients who have saved time and money by maintaining their vehicles.

One Million Kilometers!

We have one client who has made it past the million kilometer mark, and many clients who are well on their way, or half way there.


Mike W., from St. Thomas, drives a 2001 Ford E350, 7.3L diesel, and has over a million kilometers on his van! This photo shows his odometer shortly before it flipped back to zeros again.

Congratulations, Mike!

Mike drove this van to 1 138 681 km, before parking for the last time. We will miss seeing him for his regular service. Our condolences to his family on his passing.





500 000 + Kilometers!


jeff and wes armshoulder for webLavigne odometer for web



Jeff Lavigne, from Strathroy, drives a 2005 Volkswagon Jetta with over 500 000 km. Jeff drove in right at the 500 000 km mark to share the moment with us!

Congratulations, Jeff!







Chris T, from St. Thomas, drives a 2003 Volkswagon Jetta with over 580 000 km!

And more…


300 000 + Kilometers!

We have dozens of clients over 300 000km. If you are one of them, and would like to join our online list, please let us know!


Jan C, from London, drives a 2000 Honda Accord with over 400 000km!